Can’t dodge reality

There are points in our lives when we want to see something for something other than the damned truth. At the end of the day it is a choice to accept it or remain disconnected from the world and reality as it is.

Recently I went on a very rough hike up a mountain on a trail that was rated as difficult. Turns out I was not physically ready for that hike especially since I had not been on a hike in over 20 years. At this point I could be mad that the person I went with told me it was easy. In the end the real fault lies with myself for no researching it myself as a discovered when I searched the trail on the internet.

The tie-in is that too many people rely on second hand information rather than find out for themselves or make choices for themselves. By not seeking information one is not seeking to discover the reality of the situation. This is also a reality that the Democrats are learning with the Supreme Court ruling in favor of President Trump’s “Travel Ban”. With all the issues regarding fake news and anonymous sources its time people stop relying on the old school mainstream media, celebrities opinions, and opinions of college professors. Its time people seek out what they know and define what they don’t. Second hand info only is a mechanism to allow for another party to have some degree of control over your thoughts and actions with out being responsibility for them. Its time this country gets back under control, gets its national debt under control and is able to defend itself. At this point these are things former president Obama compromised by pushing agenda over national well being. Its time to get back to reality…

Open proposal to reduce health care costs

In recent days the Democrats have suffered significant losses. Since 2010 the significant reason for their losses have been the enactment of Obamacare. In the last year Obamacare has slowly imploded and people are opting to pay the penalty rather than pay high premiums for coverage that will not likely be used.

At this time there is no tax benefits for employers to provide benefits to their employees. The first piece of the plan is to make the employer paid portion of employee benefits as a tax write-off on their company taxes. In addition to making sure their employees have the very best of care, the company can also choose how much of a tax write-off they get.

The second portion of my proposal is to restrict health care premiums which people pay directly to insurance companies. This is a viable piece for people who are self employed or choose to seek insurance coverage on their own. Since everyone’s financial picture is different restricting the amount that can be charged would be governed by a percentage of the gross income claimed on a tax payer’s prior year tax return. Having the insurance companies restricted to only being able to charge premiums equal to 4% of a tax payers gross income would be ideal.

Final part of this proposal is to add a first year tax credit for companies smaller than 100 employees. To help companies pay for larger health care costs which they can write-off as a tax benefit.

Tranformers: The Last Knight Review

Going into this movie I was not sure how it would be. Yes I have faith in Michael Bay and in the brand as the previous movies have been very entertaining. I am looking at this movie for its entertainment qualities. The movie opens with a paramount logo that reminds us of the original bunch of Transformers falling to Earth in the original movie. Like the previous movie Transformers: Age of Extinction we see a scene from the past. Specifically the scene is a battle in the middle ages. At first I felt like I was watching the opening to Gladiator. As the movie went on many elements from the middle ages became blended with Transformers lore. However this movie was very successful at bringing back popular elements from the first 3 Transformers movies. This made the movie very much like seeing old friends again. As the movie rolls forward the story progressed very smoothly. As a pleasant surprise there was some nice plot twists which proved to break from the predictability found in many other movies.

From the start I knew this movie was going to be the foundation for a vast number of sequels and etc. One thing I found very interesting with this movie, the number of nods or references to the original animated movie from 1985. The references to the original 1985 movie was not unexpected as prior movies in the franchise have done this also. The “visual cameos” that were borrowed from the 1985 movie were far more numerous in the movie than the others in the franchise.

Things that were in the movie but not fully addressed I hope are used in other upcoming movies. Otherwise I would have to say too much was cut from the theatrical release of the movie. I feel these plot holes are deliberate to allow for content creation opportunities for future stories.

At the end of the day this movie is pure fun and a good way to sit back relax and be entertained.

Hello world!

Welcome to the launch of Starboard View. On this site you will find political commentary and movie reviews from a conservative christian perspective. I expect to have my first review up shortly.