Open proposal to reduce health care costs

In recent days the Democrats have suffered significant losses. Since 2010 the significant reason for their losses have been the enactment of Obamacare. In the last year Obamacare has slowly imploded and people are opting to pay the penalty rather than pay high premiums for coverage that will not likely be used.

At this time there is no tax benefits for employers to provide benefits to their employees. The first piece of the plan is to make the employer paid portion of employee benefits as a tax write-off on their company taxes. In addition to making sure their employees have the very best of care, the company can also choose how much of a tax write-off they get.

The second portion of my proposal is to restrict health care premiums which people pay directly to insurance companies. This is a viable piece for people who are self employed or choose to seek insurance coverage on their own. Since everyone’s financial picture is different restricting the amount that can be charged would be governed by a percentage of the gross income claimed on a tax payer’s prior year tax return. Having the insurance companies restricted to only being able to charge premiums equal to 4% of a tax payers gross income would be ideal.

Final part of this proposal is to add a first year tax credit for companies smaller than 100 employees. To help companies pay for larger health care costs which they can write-off as a tax benefit.